In recent years, our work has taken us to all 83 counties in Michigan. Our offices in both the Lower and Upper Peninsulas make such a far reach possible. Across the state, with our partners, MEO operates energy market transformation programs and energy efficiency utility programs, among others. Since 2008, our programs have reached more than 2 million people in Michigan.

  • Lansing Board of Water & Light Residential Energy Optimization Program

    Since 2011, with our nonprofit partner Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation (WECC), MEO has been delivering the Lansing Board of Water & Light’s (BWL) Hometown Energy Savers® residential “energy optimization” programs. Our work with the state’s largest municipal electric utility has been bringing electricity and dollar savings to BWL customers through programs such as financial incentives for high efficiency products, appliance recycling and low-income direct installs.

    MEO Contact: Brandon Malaski

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  • MECA Energy Optimization Program

    With our partner WECC, MEO has been working across the state since 2011 with the Michigan Electric Cooperative Association (MECA) Collaborative to bring energy savings to co-op members and municipal customers. This MECA energy optimization program includes energy savings for the residential and commercial and industrial sectors. Each year we have exceeded our annual energy savings goals for ratepayers living in the Upper and Lower Peninsulas.

    MEO Contact: Michael Larson

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  • Department of Energy's Home Energy Score

    What if you had an energy performance measure for your house like you do for your car? Everyone understands what MPG means—and many of us use this to make an informed purchase of a car. But how well a house uses energy is often an unknown to us, whether we are considering buying it or plan to live in it for years to come. The Department of Energy’s Home Energy Score seeks to rectify this “market failure” by catalyzing the use of a standard audit across the United States that gives homeowners and other stakeholders a “score” that lets them know where a house’s energy performance stands compared to others. MEO is piloting the Home Energy Score across the state.

    MEO Contact: Brandon Malaski

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