Our expertise includes basic to highly technical energy audits of buildings, regional energy consumption studies and modeling, and green building consultation for new construction and existing buildings. In 2012, we earned U.S. Green Building Council LEED Platinum—the highest level possible—for our headquarters in East Lansing. We also make frequent presentations on energy to groups that include local officials, business associations and schools, among others.
  • Energy Efficiency Building Audits: Institutional, Commercial and Residential

    Whether you want to improve the comfort of the people living or working in the building, reduce energy costs, or do something good for the planet, energy efficiency works. For every dollar you invest in energy efficiency, you get three dollars returned in energy savings. The key to unlocking these energy savings is to understand how well—or not—your building is performing as a system. Our certified energy experts can provide you the analysis of your building that fits your interests, time and budget. Give us a call and we can explain your options for audits.

    MEO Contact: Scott Durrett

  • Regional and Local Energy Studies and Computer Modeling

    MEO can provide regions and communities comprehensive portraits of their energy usage, which can become the “baseline” from which places can make energy improvements and measure results. Additionally, MEO and partners, such as The McClintock Lab at University of California at Santa Barbara, can also provide computer modeling for places to test scenarios around economic and demographic growth and how these align with future energy sources and planning. See our recent Mid-Michigan Energy Study and Modeling Tool for examples of this work.

    MEO Contact: John Kinch

  • Green Building Consulting

    MEO’s staff includes an architect, LEED Accredited Professionals, Building Performance Institute certified assessors, licensed builders, solar experts and business and financial managers. We also have a strong network of nonprofits and for-profits with specific technical skill sets (e.g., Enterprise Green Communities, Energy Star, LEED). We can provide unbiased, well-researched and experienced counsel to your next project whether it is a retrofit/upgrade of an existing building or a new construction development.

    MEO Contact: Scott Durrett

  • Presentations: Local Governments, Businesses, Schools, Communities

    MEO’s staff makes presentations on energy and related issues to all kinds of audiences and groups across the state. Get in touch with us if you’re interested in learning more.

    MEO Contact: Chelsea Stein