Solar Operations and Maintenance Services

We love solar. But solar is not always Get-It-and-Forget-It. It can have issues. It can break. Sometimes under-perform. And if this happens, as the solar owner, what do you do?

You can contact us.

Even if something’s not wrong, but you want preventative maintenance to keep future issues from ever happening, we do both. We are a trusted Michigan nonprofit that has been in business for more than 40 years. And we’ll be there to maintain your solar array for its lifetime.

We also own, operate and maintain our own community solar park. So, we understand how crucial solid O+M is to having your solar array performing optimally. You cannot leave that to chance or neglect.

Email or call us at 517-337-0422


  • Real-time system monitoring and analytics.
  • Exceptional project management and decision-making by our technical staff.
  • Scheduled and unplanned maintenance protocols.
  • A network of trades—electrical, landscaping, mechanical—to troubleshoot issues.
  • Offices in the Lower and Upper Peninsulas, serving the entire state.
  • Competitive, flexible pricing with multiple tiers of service, from preventative and ongoing maintenance contracts to ad hoc service calls. Email Brandon Malaski for details.