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MEO Executive Director John Kinch hosts a new series of conversations on emerging technologies and enabling policies this summer, with three more experts providing their insights on the fast-changing world of clean energy. Follow us on social media for updates on all future webinars.

Cities & The Energy Transition:
A National Tour of the Best in Clean Energy
Friday, June 19, 2020
10:00-10:45 AM

Increasingly, cities are being looked upon to lead what is often called “The Energy Transition Economy.” Innovative, pragmatic, community-minded and policy-driven, cities are getting the real work done to combat climate change by focusing on one of their primary assets: Buildings.

Lotte Schlegel is the Executive Director of the Institute for Market Transformation, a national nonprofit focused on improving our built environment to save money, drive economic growth, reduce local pollution and tackle climate change.






All Things Carbon:
Neutrality, Offsets, Fees, Taxes, Carbon-Free Regions & More!
July 2020

Many clean energy experts believe that reducing—and eventually eliminating— greenhouse gas emissions pivots on emerging financial mechanisms to value carbon in the marketplace. We’ll discuss the nuances among the options.

Jacob Corvidae is a Principal at the Rocky Mountain Institute where he has been the lead author on The Carbon-Free City Handbook and The Carbon-Free Regions Handbook. He’s also a Native Son to Michigan.




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September 2020

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Previous Webinars

Catch up with our previous webinars below.  We hope they will interest local governmental officials, business owners and community members alike.

The Grid: 2020

What is the current shape of our transmission and distribution grid? What upgrades are being made or need to be made in order to handle all the renewable energy being developed as we speak?

Gretchen Bakke, PhD, has literally written the book on The Grid.  Subtitled “The Fraying Wires Between Americans and Our Energy Future,” Dr. Bakke’s book is learned, compelling, lively and enjoyable—as is she as a speaker.

Watch the webinar in full below.





The Detroit Solar Feasibility Study

The City of Detroit has recently completed a comprehensive study of the challenges and opportunities for introducing more solar power in this comeback metropolis. Hear about the highlights of this unique project.

Nishaat Y. Killeen: Nishaat is the Project Manager in the Office of Sustainability in the City of Detroit, Office of the Mayor, and was one on a team of city staff and consultants to create the solar feasibility study.

Download the presentation here or watch the webinar in full below.





Solar Plus Storage as Resiliency

How does solar plus storage create resiliency for communities—and what exactly is resiliency?

Seth Mullendore: Seth is vice president and project director for Clean Energy Group, overseeing projects ranging from customer-sited solar and battery storage to the replacement of power plants with clean technologies.

Download the presentation here or watch the webinar in full below.





Community Solar-“Like”

MEO has helped to develop and launch two pioneering community solar projects in Michigan. As community solar continues to expand, it can take on a variety of models to fit a communities’ needs. Our final webinar offered insights into a few community solar- “like” models around the country.

Marta Tomic: Marta serves as Vote Solar’s Community Solar Program Director, working to expand community solar programs and best practices across the U.S. through advocacy and policy initiatives.



What’s New in Michigan’s Solar Laws

Our second webinar covered updates and discussion on changes in solar laws, from the state to the local level.

Margrethe Kearney: Margrethe is an attorney for the Environmental Law & Policy Center and has been a tireless advocate for clean energy in Michigan both at the legislature and the Michigan Public Service Commission.



Solar Siting

Siting—that is, locating—solar is a critical aspect of developing a solar project, whether it is residential, commercial, community solar or utility scale.

Brian Maillet: In his career in solar development, Brian has brought online more than 100 megawatts of solar across the country and recently, in the past four years, over 15 megawatts in the Midwest.